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  • All your keys in one place
  • Secure and encrypted system
  • Revenue driving smart services

Zaplox Cloud

The Zaplox Cloud is where all your mobile keys are securely stored together with your account. You will never lose your keys again.

Access Control

Zaplox makes access management easy. With the Zaplox Access Management Portal you can issue keys and control how they should behave.

Flexible Integration

With the Zaplox open API you can integrate existing business logic to handle automatic key issuing and auditing.

What is Zaplox

Zaplox offers a secure mobile key solution that combines cloud based key creation, distribution, and management with user friendly apps for all major smart phone OSs.

The solution can be integrated with back end systems and the apps can be enriched with revenue driving smart services.

  • A complete cloud based mobile key distribution system
  • Beneficial when one user need to access many doors or many users need to access one door
  • Reduces cost of access
  • Increases revenue by adding smart services
  • Improves quality assurance
  • Learn more about our solution

Solution Overview

The Zaplox Cloud service is the central part of the system providing a secure key storage, key issuing and key distribution engine. Open API for seamless integration with backend systems.

Zaplox API

Zaplox Access Management Services

The Zaplox administration portal let you manage and monitor
your Zaplox system in an easy and efficient way.

  • Key Management
  • User Management
  • Key Distribution
  • Quality of Service
  • Calendar Booking
  • Real-time Access Monitoring/Audit trail

Local hardware to manage and control the physical unlocking of doors.

Key Manager

Door Unit

Zaplox Inside

The Zaplox mobile apps for Android and iOS enables end-users to unlock their doors with a smartphone and get access to smart services included in the app.

  • For iPhone and Android
  • All Keys in the Cloud
  • Organize Your Keys
  • Push Notifications
  • Custom Content
  • Add Custom Features


Choose the Zaplox vertical that best fits your needs.


Relieve staff from time consuming front-desk work during peek hours, let guests check-in and out from the Zaplox app and push beneficial offers directly to the guests’ smartphones.

Holiday Dwellings

Increase communication with the guest before, during, and after the stay. Get ETA, help the guest to find the way. Let the guest share their key with family, reserve tours, rent equipment, buy final cleaning etc directly from the app.

Unmanned Properties

Save significant amount of time by eliminating the need for pick-up and return of keys. Increase quality control with automatic check-in when arriving on-site and logs of all visits.


Don't take it from us. This is what our customers are saying.

We are extremely satisfied with the Zaplox system. We wanted to know how our guests would respond to a system like this. Anything that is good for them is also good for us. Our feedback suggests that our guests are very content with this solution. The system's emphasis is on self-service, which means that we are only approached directly by guests if something malfunctions. And it very seldom has.

  Lars Lifvendahl
Business Area Manager, SkiStar AB

As a global leader in Facility Management we welcome innovation that adds value for our customers. Cooperating with Zaplox opens up new and diverse opportunities for our company. ISS staff across the globe handle millions of keys on a daily basis. The Zaplox system allows us to offer better service which, in the end, benefits our customers.

Wilhelm Douglas
Business Development Manager, ISS A/S

It is exciting to be in the forefront of access management and implement the Mobile Key System. Our Zaplox installation will draw interest from our tenants and raise our profile as a modern real estate developer.

  Sofia Tholerus
Project Manager, Ikano Real Estate

Case Studies

We are proud to have contributed to make world class corporations to become even better.

Service Levels

Feature Standard Premium Premium +
Access Management Platform
Customer and User Portal
QoS and Audit Trail
Zaplox Android App
Zaplox iOS App
Zaplox Smart Services in Apps
Partly Customized iOS and Android Apps
Customized iOS and Android Apps with custom name and icon


Zaplox has partnered with major lock manufacturers, lock installation enterprises, facility and access system providers, and system integrators to create a world-class ecosystem that together have the capacity to deliver turn-key solutions to our customers.

Whether you sell, install, or integrate our solution as a value adding feature in your solution, partnering with Zaplox will win new customers for you and also add revenue to your existing business. Don’t hesitate to contact us with business inquiries or questions about the Zaplox solution.

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About Zaplox

Zaplox is a Swedish company that offers the world's only ready-to-use Mobile Key Eco System especially designed for hospitality establishments and enterprises. By combining easy key creation, distribution, management and use with the opportunity for hosts to tailor their own Extra Services packages we take customer service to the next level.

Our technology is compatible with all mobile phones, SIM cards and telecom service providers. Furthermore, most electronic lock systems can easily be converted to Zaplox compatibility.

Our company is owned by us, its professional team, and the highly regarded long-term financial investors Industrifonden (Stiftelsen Industrifonden), Ms Therese Karlson (LMK Ventures AB) and the Mankel Family (4 M Beteiligungs GmbH) all of which hold similar minority shareholdings in Zaplox.

Dynamic environment

Lund is unique. Here many of the best brains from across Scandinavia and elsewhere converge. Several now global technology companies started just years ago in IDEON's offices and everyone here shares one common feeling - a sense of adventure and incurable optimism.

World class global team

Mexico, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, the U.K. and Poland. Engineering, software development, finance, marketing and sales. Zaplox has gathered top professionals within their fields from around the world. We are convinced that diversity is the key to long-term success.

Opportunity to grow alongside the company

Brainstorming is holy at Zaplox. We dislike limits and recognize that our employees' ideas are what fuel our success. That's why creative and entrepreneurial spirits thrive within our organization. Recognize yourself? Join us, and fulfil your potential.

A chance to change the world

The Zaplox system is unique and in the forefront of technological development within its industry. Better yet, it has the potential to revolutionize attitudes among people everywhere and in all walks of life. It is simply the place to be for anyone looking to make an impact.

"A championship team is a team of champions"

We are a disruptive company on a mission to redefine a industry. To succeed we need innovative individuals with drive, refined skill-sets and a will to win. Everyone that works at Zaplox has these qualities. I am proud to head this team of professionals on our mission.

  Magnus Friberg,



For official press releases please visit:

Mynewsdesk Zaplox


Zaplox is a new access solution utilizing Mobile Key Technology. Our Mobile Key System is especially suitable for hospitality establishments and enterprises looking to lower cost, streamline operations, and improve service levels.
Yes, our solutions are compatible with all smartphones, SIM cards and telecom service providers. That is part of what makes Zaplox unique.
We are a Swedish company and our first customers have been corporations in the Nordic region. However, our solutions work anywhere and we are currently expanding into Europe and USA.
Zaplox offers different service levels, choosing the one that best fits your needs is the first step. Installation is then done in close cooperation with Zaplox technical partners in order to ensure a smooth transition and optimized performance.
Easier and more direct key management gives you lower costs and more manageable operations. Using Zaplox will also enable you to offer guests an unprecedented service level, especially if you choose to incorporate our Smart Services in your Zaplox solution.
As Zaplox is an App-based technology, several extra services can be integrated into the Mobile Key System. For example, direct check in/out, payment, instant messages, maps and positioning, calendars and close-by offers can all be incorporated into a Zaplox solution.
Firstly, download the Zaplox Mobile Application. It is available for all smartphones (and compatible with all mobile phones). Once you have the App on your phone, any mobile keys made available to you by hosts using the Zaplox system are automatically downloaded.
By clicking the “Unlock” button. It’s that simple.
Electronic lock systems are easily converted to be Zaplox compatible. This means that you can operate doors with both cards and your mobile phone. Locks opened by traditional keys need a hardware add-on to be Zaplox ready.
Contact your host, the office reception or the hotel reception. After positive identification is verified, the door will be opened for you.
Contact your host, the office reception or the hotel reception. After positive identification is verified, the door will be opened for you.
Our Mobile Key System utilizes the same security protocols as online banking and security is an essential element in everything we do. That’s why we’ve developed the first security standard for a Mobile Key System.
We are growing fast and are always on the lookout for talents to complement our team. Please contact us to learn more.


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