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Opening Doors and So Much More

What is the key to a great travel experience? Most of us would likely say a seamless, entirely convenient and ultimately stress-free experience — no last minute ‘hiccups’, miscommunications, additional steps or unexpected delays, right? Travel, is by definition, a mobile activity and the use of mobile devices can enhance the travel experience. In fact, the development of smartphone technology is more than just the norm across both small and large hotel chains — it’s seemingly taking the hospitality industry by storm, and Zaplox is leading that charge.
Expedia presents Zaplox mobile key

Mobile keys the choice for Expedia connected hoteliers

In december 2017, Expedia presented Zaplox mobile key solution at the Expedia Partner Conference at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fantastic response from the 5000 hotel managers present at the event, delivered yet another confirmation that mobile keys and services are of the utmost importance to provide guest experience.

Making Sure That All Doors Are Open for Your Guests

No longer do we need the hotel doorman (aka bellman or porter) to assist in opening doors for today’s guests. With the emerging advances in technology, guests now have the ability to define and customize their entire hotel experience destiny – including opening doors with mobile keys. Yes, there are still times where a hotel may deliver that one to one experience by showering guests with overflowing service on a personal level. But, the winds of change are at hurricane strength, and through the implementation of technology, hoteliers can now empower their guests to choose the unique levels of service (or self-service) they prefer.

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Zaplox tecknar partneravtal med Via System A/S

Zaplox AB (publ) (”Zaplox”) meddelar idag att bolaget ingått ett partneravtal med Via System A/S (”Via System”) som ingår i danska AK Techotel-gruppen, Skandinaviens ledande leverantör av affärssystem till hotell (s.k. PMS* system). Via System, med bas i Danmark, tillhandahåller Picasso PMS till hotell i Danmark, Norge och Sverige. Partneravtalet innebär att Zaplox lösning integreras till Picasso PMS samt att Via System skall marknadsföra och sälja Zaplox lösning till sina kunder i Skandinavien. Partneravtalet löper utan tidsbegränsning och utgör inga garantier om intäkter.

Zaplox inleder samarbete med Northwind Canada Inc.

Zaplox AB (publ) (”Zaplox”) meddelar idag att bolaget inleder ett samarbete med Northwind Canada Inc, (”Northwind”). Northwind är en nordamerikansk aktör som tillhandahåller affärssystem för hotell, så kallade Property Management System (PMS). Partnerskapet innebär att Zaplox nu har möjlighet att erbjuda sin mobila gästresa som en integrerad lösning, även till de 800 kunder som använder Northwinds PMS, Maestro. Ambitionen är att utforma ett konkurrenskraftigt erbjudande som kan skapa nya affärsmöjligheter i Nordamerika.

Kallelse till årsstämma i Zaplox AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Zaplox AB (publ), 556816-4460, kallas härmed till årsstämma torsdagen den 26 april 2018 kl. 16.00 på Ideon Science Park, Beta-huset, Rum Ragnar Josephson, Scheelevägen 17, i Lund.